Thursday, November 11, 2010

Landscape for Life Brings Sustainable Site Initiative Home

New gardeners often complain about feeling overwhelmed by the process of getting started.

And while shopping at garden centers can be fun and kind of addictive, a really sustainable garden needs to go beyond being full of "curb appeal." Ideally, a sustainable garden will offer resources to wildlife, and a sustainable gardener will avoid practices that add to environmental damage or pollution.

But really, what the heck does that actually mean in YOUR own backyard?

For a person who barely has learned to tell English ivy from poison ivy it can all feel like a bothersome, tedious chore to find out.

Now the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center and the US Botanic Garden have collaborated to make the whole process a bit easier. Their new website, called Landscape for Life, helps average homeowners bring the Sustainable Site Initiative into their own backyards. The entire site is full of practical tips and lists. There are also lots of lovely photos to inspire anyone planning next year's garden.

It is also a great website for accomplished gardeners who have puzzling questions about new environmental challenges.