Monday, May 18, 2009

Follow the Birds, REAL BIRDS

You hear about migration, and maybe every once in a while if you are a stellar backyard naturalist, you are able to see one or two migratory species in your garden or on a nature walk in the spring. But did you ever wish you could just follow along and see exactly where that ACTUAL bird went?

Well, here's something that comes kinda close. Wetlands International invites you to Follow the Bird through their new online iniative. They've identified and named several herons in Europe in order to follow that individual's actual progress through its migratory path up the globe. " Unlike other traditional methods of studying bird migration (e.g. field observations or ringing), the combination of the satellite telemetry, remote sensing and the internet makes it possible for a wide-range of stakeholders to follow bird migration almost in real-time," boasts their website.

This is very cool. With very careful and clever usage of Google maps, you can also see exactly what each site was like. And, hey, if you happen to be in Morocco or Germany and take some great photos of those locations, you can even upload them to this website.

(photo courtesy of Wetlands International)

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