Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bag the Bags, the Struggle Continues

Alert: the battle against the bags continues in Washington, with things looking very good indeed for those who wish to Ban the Bags.

A couple of months ago I blogged about this... now it may become a reality.

Check out the Wash Post story from today's Metro section for more details.

For those of you without a subscription or online access to the paper the details are as follows.

The DC Council voted unanimously.... can I write that again.... UNANIMOUSLY... to place a five cent tax on paper and plastic bags. The goal is to discourage their use and encourage the use of canvas or cloth reusable bags, while at the same time reduce a huge trash problem in our city. And, even better, a significant chunk of the money raised by this new tax will go towards helping the floundering Anacostia River here in the capitol.

According to the Anacostia Watershed Society, "plastic bags make up 50% of the approximately 17,000* tons of plastic products entering the river system each year."

A similar bill was introduced in MD earlier this year. I am not sure what happened to the MD bill, but if I find out I'll post details.

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