Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Come on Spring. We've waited long enough.

If the sun doesn’t come out soon I feel as if I will go completely insane.

We have had, for about a week now, nothing but grey, dark skies and drizzle. Today they are predicting sun, with a few clouds in the afternoon. Let’s hope it actually happens. Let’s hope the sunny days the weather channel promised for the weekend really come true.

I told my kids: if the sun does come out, our garden is poised to explode into spring. Like a pop-up greeting card, I imagine that a little heat and a little light will cause the tiny shoots which are peeking out above the leaves and mulch to come completely to life.

We’ve got daffodils and tulip leaves shooting up. The shrubs are all showing buds. I can see the very beginning of my wild, native ginger, reaching its tough little stems across the side gardens under the side of the house. No leaves yet. It reminds me of a small elf waking up and stretching. No sign of my Virginia bluebells. Once they pop I know spring is here to stay. Fiddleheads of ferns are not yet showing either. I walk around the yard, checking each of the spots where I know spring ephemerals wait to ephermalize. Watched pots don't boil. Watched wildflowers sometimes surprise you, though.


Come on spring, come on. We’ve waited long enough.

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