Friday, March 26, 2010

Montgomery Victory Gardens Worth Check Out

Last month at Brookside Garden's Green Matter Symposium, I learned a lot about the local vegetable garden scene. There's a surprising amount of passionate advocacy going on in this area regarding the growing of good, local food.

I don't really write much about my own adventures in edible gardening, although actually I love growing vegetables and fruits. There's something sublime about picking raspberries in your pajamas on a warm summer morning with your kids, and something truly decadent about eating salad fresh from your own backyard. I have such a small garden that I can only grow a few things each year... but I truly love the experience. I just don't have much expertise in it.


One of the groups that I discovered at Green Matters was Montgomery Victory Gardens. I like what they do, and even more I like their weekly emails, which are chock full of really interesting stories about people who are trying to get more fresh, local food in to the hands of everyone in Montgomery County.

This week, for example, they have interesting news about some important congressional bills now being considered which could expand the availability of local farm food to school kids. Really worth checking out.

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